Day: June 14, 2020

Using an anti bacterial handwash

Using an anti bacterial handwash

Harmful bacteria can cause a number of health problems like food poisoning, stomach upsets, cholera, skin rashes and boils. These health problems can adversely affect the fitness, productivity and finances of a person, so people try to prevent the harmful bacteria from entering their body. Often health care workers recommend that people use an antibacterial handwash especially if there a epidemic. Hence, many people would like to know what is antibacterial hand wash, so that they can purchase the right handwash, which they can use to keep their hands clean.

If a product is marketed as a antibacterial handwash, it will usually contain chemical ingredients which will kill the bacteria. Triclosan is one of the most widely used chemicals which will kill the bacteria on the hand surface. When a person will wash their hands with a soap, the bacteria will adhere to the soap molecules and get washed away. The antibacterial handwash will also contain additional chemicals which will specifically attack the commonly found harmful bacteria. Some of the harmful bacteria are Streptococcus Pyogenes, causing throat infection, Escherichia Coli which causes diarrhea and entiritis salmonella, the cause of food poisoning.

Since the antibacterial handwash contains additional chemical ingredients to kill the bacteria, it is usually more expensive than a conventional handwash. The manufacturer of the handwash will usually have conducted tests to prove its efficiency in killing the bacteria, which it will use for marketing the handwash. The handwash manufacturer will usually provide more details of the antibacterial action on the product packaging or online brochures. To ensure that the hand wash is effective in killing the bacteria, the user should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer like the time for which the handwash should be applied .

So based on the level of the infection by harmful bacteria, the right handwash should be chosen for washing the hands.

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